KAT-TUN Apologises For Vocaloid Plagiarsm

The boy-band which plagiarised a vocaloid song, as pointed out by angry fans and a distraught creator has finally admitted its crime, and made amends with its victim.

The creator victimised by Johnny’s boy-band KAT-TUN, AVTechNO!, writes that a settlement was reached with the plagiarists:

Regarding the “DYE” incident, the producers of “NEVER x OVER” have admitted the influence of “DYE” on their song, and have taken appropriate action to settle the matter.

My sincere apologies for worrying any KAT-TUN fans with my words. KAT-TUN were not at fault – I wish them the best in future.

While it remains without a doubt that KAT-TUN have made amends with the creator of the song, it remains to be seen that they can re-gain the trust of their lost fans, and calm the enraged vocaloid enthusiasts.


Japanese Boy Band Plagiarises Vocaloid Song

A famous Japanese boy band known as KAT-TUN, has been caught copying one of the songs from EXIT-TUNES’s number one Album, Vocalogenesis.

The song in question was ‘DYE’, a song that used the vocal chords of Megurine Luka, the most adult of the Vocaloid gang, and currently the only one that claims to have a bilingual vocal databases.
Both songs can be inspected below:


DYE / AVTechNO! feat. 巡音ルカ

In response to this, The emotionally fragile artist of the song has pulled all his work from Nico Nico Douga, possibly amid fears that more of his work might be stolen. He confirms that he gave no permission for any such usage of his works.