A tale of what’s to come..


Is it the end of September already? Well, what do you know. This time, I have a halfway decent excuse for the lack of content.

In between watching episodes of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is magic’ and Gundam, I’ve been doing some thinking about this site and what I want to do with it. Why? Because I’m really not satisfied with where this site is right now. Sure, I have a good readership (I love you guys) and it all looks pretty enough, but the original goal of bringing Anime to new audiences has fallen flat on its face.

The problem I think, is that its incredibly hard to sell anime to new audiences, whilst tip towing through the landmine of controversy that is accociated with the medium.
How are you going to do this then? I hear you ask. Well, I’ve found a rather novel way of navigating that minefield- Bulldoze right through it. In what I think is long overdue, I’m going to use my little soap box to address some of the problems this industry and its communities has, and try to stir up some serious debate about it. In order to reach out to these audiences, I’m going to have to find as many homes for these rants as possible, starting with my currents homes here, UkOtaku, and on Wearearcade.com (whenever they’re done renovating), as well as new homes on Figure.fm and the new Screwattack.com
Lastly, with all these changes, certain features will have to be dropped. That includes News and AMVs. What will stay however is the Reviews. I would say there would be less of them, but I’m not exactly renowned for pushing them out at a quick pace.

So, that’s that. Thanks for sticking by me all this time, and I hope you look forward to all the new content coming very soon!


Stuff goes here.

As you may or may have not of noticed, there has been a severe lack of new content around the site recently. I’m glad that you have been understanding of this and not completely deserted me, I am only human after all 😛

Nethertheless, UKOtaku is now ready to move forward, along with my renewed promise to at least try to update this site once a day. I at least owe that much to you for sticking with me through this period.
TTFN! ^_^

UKotaku.org is now live!

After a week long delay, ukotaku.org is now in a state where it can be viewable by people, without me feeling so embarrased about how bad it looks. Don’t get too comfortable with how it currently looks though, as a lot of visual treat are on the way, including artwork from the very talented AkaiShisei. Until then, it’s now business as normal, as I’m hoping to find the time to update at least once a day including weekly reviews, the sort of commitment that led UKOtaku to become the success it has been thus far ^_^

Site upgrades and whatnot

Hey there guys. Thought I’d give you all the lowdown on some of the big changes coming to UK Otaku in the next few weeks. First off, I’m closing up shop on WordPress.com, and moving to a new home on my own server with two snazzy domains, UKotaku.org and UKotaku.co.uk.
Don’t fret though! All content appearing on the new site will also be reported here too. So long as one person is still reading this blog, I will be serving content to them.
However! With my own server space and the freedom that comes with it, there will be a drastic change in how the site will look and feel, giving you lot an overall improved experience. There may also be the possibility of me bringing in additional writers, if the site grows to be large enough.
When will we be seeing all these updates I hear you saying? Well, Everything should be up and running by new years day, as a gift from me to you, my dear readers.
Onwards, to the future!