Catbus? Pfft. Meet the cat cab.

As the famous movie trope goes, taxi drivers like to deck out the interior of their cabs with all sorts of trinkets, whether it be bobble heads, football memorabilia, or even religous artifacts. One man however, has taken it to a whole new level.

This man is Mr. Hiraga of Wakayama City, who has transformed his otherwise dull cab into a catmobile, covering the entirety of his cab in 888 lucky cats. The decorations started twelve years ago when Mr. Hiraga bought a lucky cat at Kimii-dera temple. Hiraga then thought the single cat looked lonely, so he sought to add more.

If you’re a fan of cats or shrine trinkets, and if you’re ever in Japan, you can take a ride in Hiraga’s cab, by calling him at 090-7965-2135, though speaking Japanese would probably make it a lot easier to get a ride! According to the news report, there were no mentions that he speaks any English.

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