Shadow of the Colossus, Amazing Anime Fan Poster


Here is an amazing mockup for a Shadow of the Colossus anime by artist MetalHanzo, based from the classic PS2 game, which is soon to get a HD reboot alongside its older brother, ICO.
I can imagine now, as a silent anime with acts, musics and sceneries to convey the story, and minimum dialogue.
Unfortunately, 99% of the anime industry in Japan right now is more concerned with underage girls, incest, and panties….nothing good could possibly from a SOTC anime with this mentality. There are about 3~4 anime studios maximum who would actually allow SOTC to maintain its dignity.
Oh well, on can always dream…


FMA Brotherhood PS3 theme now available


Full Metal Alchemist fans, Looking for that little something to spruce up your PS3? well, have no fear, as FUNimation has launched a lovely new FMA: Brotherhood theme on the PSN.
This new dynamic theme includes typical FMA imagery and icons, as well as plenty of Ed and Al. The sky of the theme gets darker as time wears on, and the images of Ed and Al can switch between their “adult” and child versions. The backgrounds even move, with flowing clothes whipping in the wind. The theme can be bought for $2.99.