X-Men Trailer Streamed

The Japanese TV station Animax has launched a website for Marvel’s new X-Men anime adaption by MADHOUSE, along with a trailer. The anime will be starting on the Animax channel in April the 4th. Animax has previously launched an Iron Man and a Wolverine anime and results seemed to be successful. There is also a plan for another Marvel anime adaptation with Blade.

The confirmed characters in this X-men anime adaption are Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast and Professor X.
Trailer below:


2 minute promo for live action Space Battleship Yamoto

A 2 minute promo for the upcoming live action Space Battleship Yamamoto flick, based on the classic 70’s anime, has been show recently on Japanese television. It looks set to promise plenty of high quality CG sequences, and lots of cheesy acting that the Japanese have become renowned for. Check out the promo below-