Amazon Pulls Yaoi Manga from Kindle Store

Amazon, has pulled various explicit Yaoi titles from their Kindle store, and while authors are happy to censor their works so the can be inspected for any man bits, this has sparked a storm of controversy in the Yaoi community, who are accusing the retail giant of homophobia. However, despite pulling boys from the kindle store, Amazon have no problem keeping other highly erotic literature on the store, so long as it involves wholesome hetrosexual loving. Amazon are also accused of holding a double standard- yanking titles from the kindle store, but still selling them in physical format.
A full list of what titles have been removed, and which ones have returned castrated, can be found here.


Shane Black to direct American Death Note


It has been reported and confirmed by Variety that Shane Black will be directing the Hollywood based version of popular manga Death Note. Noted as being Black’s favorite childhood manga, “It’s my favorite manga, I was just struck by its unique and brilliant sensibility“.
The famous director reveals his intentions for the upcoming live action film, “What we want to do is take it back to that manga, and make it closer to what is so complex and truthful about the spirituality of the story, versus taking the concept and trying to copy it as an American thriller.”
For those of you who are not familiar with Death Note, it follows the story of Light, the protagonist, who finds a notebook, the death note, that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing their name down and picturing their face in his mind. Light proceeds to go on a mission to rid the world of criminals, he is eventually chased by a top detective who goes by the alias of L.

Berserk movie series announced!


Tired of the slew of recent moeblob anime, and looking for something with a bit more gore? Well then, you will be glad to hear that the February issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine announced on Saturday that the previously leaked screenshots of a mystery Berserk project will be a theatrical film that will open in 2011. According to Newtype, the 2011 film will be the first part of a project that will adapt the entire story from Kentarou Miura’s manga.

Tokyo International Anime fair Cancelled?


The Tokyo International Anime fair, held in March, may be cancelled, after a industry boycott of 10 publishers in protest to the new bans on any content deemed unfit by the Tokyo government (the chart above gives a graphical display of the boycott). While may be unsuprising for Shintaro Ishihara and his cohorts, who spearheaded the campaign, it will be a big blow for the Japanese government, who wish to quadruple anime and Manga exports by 2020 as part of their ‘cool Japan’ campaign.
The only things that can save the event, if is the law is repealed, or if the publishers stop the boycott and accept defeat- both of which seem very unlikely at this moment in time.

Tite Kubo: Bleach is only halfway done


Bleach’s author Tite Kubo is apparently set on keeping Bleach going for at least another 10 years, remarking that it is only halfway through.

“It’s about halfway through the story at the moment.
At the very least, I’ll be doing it for another 10 years.”

Whether or not Kubo has planned any of this out from the beginning, or if he can think of enough ideas to keep the series going for another decade is up to speculation.

Apple iBooks may be getting digital Manga


It’s a possibility, at least. The latest update for Apple’s iBooks app provides some added functionality that may allow publishers the opportunity to bring their titles to the iBookstore. In addition to allowing users to organize their books into seperate categories, the app now supports fully-illustrated children’s books, photography books, and yes — even digital manga.
Of course, it remains to be seen whether any publishers actually decide to take advantage of this functionality, especially considering Apple’s stringent content policies. I’ve had several publishers mention this as a potential dealbreaker should they decide to distribute via apps like ComiXology. Still, it’d be nice to see if Apple plans on letting up on those policies in the interest of potential profits.

Via japanator

A few words on the Tokyo Anime/Manga ban

For those who don’t know, Tokyo’s ruling governing body, the LDP, have recently written into a law which will ban any anime or manga that harms Japan’s youth. This will come into effect in July, with voluntary restraints in April. The bill has been widely criticised by the industry, who comment critically on it’s vague description of what is allowed and what isn’t, which could cause widespread panic among producers and publishers.

Even though I abhor the recent ero-ification of Anime and Manga, I think this is a bit too heavy handed. Publishers are getting scared that having a manga set in a highschool will set them foul of the new laws, which isn’t good.
I was hoping the DPJ would reject this in favour of an age rating board of some sort, rather than this ‘banned, not banned’ manner of doing things.
The only thing we can hope for, is that some of the more otaku friendly ministers try to overturn it before the summer season gets rolling, or that the anime and manga industry gets their act together and lobby against this.

At the moment all we can do, is write to our local anime distributors such as FUNimation or Manga Entertainment, and urge them to put pressure on the Japanese industry to do something about this. Otherwise, we will be seeing an extreme lack of titles being released, with the worst case scenario being that the industry collapses entirely, unable to support itself with such heavy restrictions.

What’s your reaction to the new bill? How do you think it will affect the industry? Be sure to leave a comment in the section below.