Tokyo Earthquake: What you need to know

This morning, our kind friend the Pacific ocean decided that it felt rather uncomfortable in it’s current state, and decided to shift a bit. We can’t really blame the ocean for this- it does have to put up with an awful lot of stuff in it’s life, and does all this without moving an inch.
Unfortunately, this shift for a more comfortable position caused a 8.9 earthquake 25 miles underwater, just 250km away from Japan’s coastline. This caused unbelievable amounts of damage, obliterating most of Japan’s infrastructure.
So, here are my suggestions for those caught in this disaster, or those back at home who have friends and family out there.

For those stuck out there (or live there, I’m not judging): Stay in big open spaces, Most parks are offering food and shelter. A full list of shelters can be found here.
Also, stock up on other food and essentials. Most convenience stores and suchlike have been sold out, but vending machines offer their contents for free during states of emergency. Also, many restaurants are also offering food.

If you need to contact anybody, Bic Camera are offering free mobile phone batteries to people. Just head to your nearest store to stock up.
Also, I believe NHK TV are doing a phone in to contact those stranded somewhere without cellular reception. This could be used both ways too, so if you’re stranded, find a working phone and call in that way to let folks back home know you are okay. Folks at home can tune in to NHK via this link here.

My heart goes out to all those out there caught up in the chaos. I sincerely hope that you get out of this all right. Just remember to keep your chin up, and keep in mind that eventually all this will blow over. ^_^

Special thanks for Danny Choo for the images I pinched, (sorry), and for the advice he’s been giving out via Twiter, @DannyChoo. I tip my hat to you, sir.