Hey, Kyoraki here. Thought I’d spend a bit of time telling you about myself, and this website. UK Otaku is a blog dedicated to Anime, Gaming and tech news, and overall Japanese culture, from the unique point of a rambling and mad UK resident that spends too much time on IRC, and not working.

Anime and Manga especially, have never quite managed to rid themselves of the great media smear of the early 90’s, retaining the strereotype that all Anime is about blood, gore and big breasts. Hopefully with this blog, I will be able to help address some of those issues, and help to open up people’s minds some more.
It’s not all about some agenda though, this site is also here for me to rant on about all sort of things which love and adore, and which I want to share with the world. Expect the odd invention or two to pop up now and again as well, you’d be surprised at what I come up with at times!

So kick back, put the kettle on, and enjoy.