KAT-TUN Apologises For Vocaloid Plagiarsm

The boy-band which plagiarised a vocaloid song, as pointed out by angry fans and a distraught creator has finally admitted its crime, and made amends with its victim.

The creator victimised by Johnny’s boy-band KAT-TUN, AVTechNO!, writes that a settlement was reached with the plagiarists:

Regarding the “DYE” incident, the producers of “NEVER x OVER” have admitted the influence of “DYE” on their song, and have taken appropriate action to settle the matter.

My sincere apologies for worrying any KAT-TUN fans with my words. KAT-TUN were not at fault – I wish them the best in future.

While it remains without a doubt that KAT-TUN have made amends with the creator of the song, it remains to be seen that they can re-gain the trust of their lost fans, and calm the enraged vocaloid enthusiasts.


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