Bleach anime to end?


Bleach fans are puzzling over a remark which suggests the long running anime may be due to end soon.
The remark was made on ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D’s website, the band responsible for the anime’s current ED song.

“I think our tune is perfect for the final season’s climax – please check it

This was quickly removed however, replaced with a less contract damaging statement.
With the show still maintaining high popularity, and the author of the original manga having hinted the manga will continue at least until the end of the universe, fans are rightfully uncertain about the series future.
The fact that the anime has again exhausted the original manga’s material may be the major issue.
This would suggest a permanent ending, like bone’s Full Metal Alchemist or Soul Eater, splitting the official canon in two.


One thought on “Bleach anime to end?

  1. Damn, I really hope the anime ends. I really don’t care if the manga continues, because I think ANY manga will be read under any circumstance. But, as any anime out there, a series really does need an ending. That’s why I think animes that start BEFORE a manga under the title is released (i.e. Code Geass, Fooly Cooly -which is an OVA, but still had a manga published after its release- and Neon Genesis Evangelion -even though the manga was released before the anime, the anime was, in fact, created before its release, having the manga be based off the events in the anime-) so they don’t get old and played out just to be played out.

    With an anime as long as Bleach, I think an ending is what it needs. I pray to God (not literally, note) that there isn’t going to be a second coming of it if it DOES end (i.e., again, Dragon Ball GT, Naruto Shippuden). Short animes, however, usually have AWESOME sequels it seems. Code Geass’ R2 was as stunning and rapetastic as the first, tying up all loose ends that were in season one. While a third season would be nice for us fans, I really believe an anime like that would be perfect where it ends (even though a third season is rumored, and the Code Geass Gaiden series is supposedly on its way) if a sequel is never made.

    Back to Bleach… It needs to end. The filler arcs are mind0numingly boring and it seems the action just keeps getting slower and slower. With the Dragon Ball series in mind, a main character can only get stronger and stronger until the show gets old and repetitive (much like, IMO, Bleach has been lately… and don’t get me wrong, DBZ is freaking legit, and Bleach is pretty good, too).

    Hm, ’nuff said.

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