Site upgrades and whatnot

Hey there guys. Thought I’d give you all the lowdown on some of the big changes coming to UK Otaku in the next few weeks. First off, I’m closing up shop on, and moving to a new home on my own server with two snazzy domains, and
Don’t fret though! All content appearing on the new site will also be reported here too. So long as one person is still reading this blog, I will be serving content to them.
However! With my own server space and the freedom that comes with it, there will be a drastic change in how the site will look and feel, giving you lot an overall improved experience. There may also be the possibility of me bringing in additional writers, if the site grows to be large enough.
When will we be seeing all these updates I hear you saying? Well, Everything should be up and running by new years day, as a gift from me to you, my dear readers.
Onwards, to the future!


3 thoughts on “Site upgrades and whatnot

    • Really? How so?
      Like I briefly mentioned, I’m not leaving completely, but rather expanding out to help increase usability, and deliver better content to you, my readers. Even if goes on to get tens of thousands of views a day, these pages will still be updated with the same content so long as I have even just a handful of readers here.

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