A few words on the Tokyo Anime/Manga ban

For those who don’t know, Tokyo’s ruling governing body, the LDP, have recently written into a law which will ban any anime or manga that harms Japan’s youth. This will come into effect in July, with voluntary restraints in April. The bill has been widely criticised by the industry, who comment critically on it’s vague description of what is allowed and what isn’t, which could cause widespread panic among producers and publishers.

Even though I abhor the recent ero-ification of Anime and Manga, I think this is a bit too heavy handed. Publishers are getting scared that having a manga set in a highschool will set them foul of the new laws, which isn’t good.
I was hoping the DPJ would reject this in favour of an age rating board of some sort, rather than this ‘banned, not banned’ manner of doing things.
The only thing we can hope for, is that some of the more otaku friendly ministers try to overturn it before the summer season gets rolling, or that the anime and manga industry gets their act together and lobby against this.

At the moment all we can do, is write to our local anime distributors such as FUNimation or Manga Entertainment, and urge them to put pressure on the Japanese industry to do something about this. Otherwise, we will be seeing an extreme lack of titles being released, with the worst case scenario being that the industry collapses entirely, unable to support itself with such heavy restrictions.

What’s your reaction to the new bill? How do you think it will affect the industry? Be sure to leave a comment in the section below.


4 thoughts on “A few words on the Tokyo Anime/Manga ban

  1. if hi-school set anime banned,
    i think i can’t bear with anime using set like nar*to, o*e p*ece, and all those garbage,
    may be i could be retired being an otaku, :p

  2. Well thats no good for Anime retailers such as us, this also could drive prices higher than what they are now, and our fans would not like this, boot-leg might end up winning by default, ironic?

    • That’s sad to hear. It’s really upsetting that the LDP are deliberately setting out to harm the industry like this, especially when the DPJ are making a huge push to make these good more accessible outside Japan.

  3. It’s just a strange situation. Does Ishihara even know what he’s doing? Well, when absolutely no one shows up for the Tokyo Anime Fair, then he’ll probably learn.

    Ok, maybe not.

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