New Soul Eater spinoff to start 2011

There’s an announcement in Square-Enix’s January copy of monthly Shonen Gangan magazine. A very interesting announcement, that is, if you like Soul Eater.

Scans of the magazine reveal that Atsushi Ohkubo is creating a new Soul Eater series entitled Soul Eater Not! which will be appearing in the next issue of Shonen Gangan. This title will run alongside the original Soul Eater series as of January 12, 2011.

So far there’s no information of what exactly Soul Eater Not! will be, whether a spinoff, some alternative universe, side stories for lesser characters, or anything else. However, given that it will run alongside the original, I’m willing to bet it will definitely be a branching off point from the original story, perhaps covering ground that the original just doesn’t have time for.

If you’re a 
Soul Eater fan, what would you like Soul Eater Not! to be? A spinoff? A sequel, etc.?


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