New Naruto Movie is not what it seems…

What happens when you combine a country with a large anime fanbase, with little to no copyright laws?

You get this, Naruto Bersyker, or Naruto Thanksgiving. The plot summary, found here, translates as thus-

Due to her good deeds, the mother gets profits and becomes rich, and as a nouveau riche she wanted to hold a thanks-giving ceremony. However, she has no valid grounds to hold a thanks-giving ceremony; if she holds one because she is newly rich she would be branded a showoff. That is, until she found her son had completed his Naruto game so without much thought she held a thanks-giving ceremony to celebrate her son’s completion of the Naruto game.

Unlike China, Brazil uses it’s blatant violation of copyright in much more unusual and interesting ways. During Brazil’s last election for example, one political candidate used theme music from Naruto, whereas another reportedly used costumes from Index in their campaign.


2 thoughts on “New Naruto Movie is not what it seems…

  1. wow thats a very interesting bit of info there. So can Shonen not sue for the blatant infringment sense the material is owned by them and shonen is based in another country?

    • Shonen could try to sue, but Brazil seem to have very lax copyright infringements, so any attempt to sue would be ignored by Brazillian courts. At least they are producing something semi-original rather than producing bootleg DVD’s and whatnot, which seems to be the standard practice in countries like these.

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