Black Rock Shooter: The Game Coming to USA and Europe

Excited about the upcoming BRS game, but annoyed that you will never be able to play it, because you don’t know Japanese? Have no fear, because it have been revealed today that Imagepoch have announced that NISA will be localising the PSP game for release in Europe and the United States.

Ryoei Mikage, the CEO of Imageepoch, announced to Dengeki Online that NISA would be releasing their titles in North America and Europe. He stated that he chose NISA because their Disgaea sales exceed 150,000-200,000 units, which is apparently very impressive. (I don’t think it takes into account that the first and most successful entry was released by Atlus.) Naturally, they plan to market the other games announced  last week, which include Chevalier Saga Tactics and Tale of the Last Promise, to fans of JRPGs.

The game is slated for release in Japan in March 2011, so expect quite a wait for the game to reach your shores in the future.


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