Something for the ladies- Butler trains to start service


A butler café in Tokyo by the name of Swallowtail has partnered with the Kinki Nippon Tourist agency and has  started selling tickets for a “Butler’s Express” train service, very similar to the maid trains that also recently started operating in the same area. The butlers will be catering to women and featuring pretty boys serving you lunch and afternoon tea. Twenty butlers will fill the train, serving a maximum of 200 passengers for an entire day-long trip on a seven car train.
Each train must have a minimum of 150 applicants (though I’m sure reaching that number will be no problem), and each one will have to pay 18,900 yen which is about $225. This trip features butlers from the actual cafe in Ikebukuro, which has its original location on Otome Road (Maiden Road.)


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