Hatsune Miku English version announced

In a complete surprise to absolutely nobody, crypton media Announced that the 40,000 needed fans to start development of the English version of the popular voice software used to create the iconic idols voice.

Cryton software have been looking to introduce their software to the English markets, where a huge following has already grown. There are plenty of (admittedly poorly made) English songs out there, and there is a large demand for Vocaloid merchandise out there, as seen by the gangs large presence on online stores and at conventions.

What sort of songs would you like to see covered by Miku?


One thought on “Hatsune Miku English version announced

  1. Ohh this is very good news, I have been looking into geting this software for a while now but was unable to find a place i could buy it. i was actualy planing on using her and a few of the other vocoloid products with fruityloops and acid pro to finaly finish my own music and and give the lyrics a good voice. I hope the english voive is as good as the japanese and not just emulated.

    Would love to hear a Hatsune covered “Unchained Melody”, “Paint it Black”, “Fragile” by Lacuna Coil or anything by Birthday Massacre.

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